Conceptual Engineering


Driving mills to pertinent and sustainable solutions for POME and EFB valorization, achieving progressively ZERO DISCHARGE MILLING (ZDM).


  • Diagnostic of the problems and necessities.
  • Presentation of options with their advantages, disadvantages and approximate costs.
  • Selection, together with the client, of the best option for his specific case and elaboration of a “Master Plan” to accomplish in five to ten years.
  • For the selected solution: Sizing, Flow scheme, Mass balance, Lay-out, Hydraulic profile, Use of all by-products (gas, sludge, treated effluents/waste, compost, animal feed, odors,…), breakdown of the components, approximate budget, presentation of contractual options for design, implementation and operation and presentation of specialized TPs on the market.
  • On-line consultancies with/without site visit.
  • Time required: 3 to 4 weeks/mil
  • 1 mill: US$ 9.000
  • 2 mills: US$ 8.000/mill
  • 3 mills: US$ 7.000/mill
  • 4 mills: US$ 6.500/mill
  • 5 mills: US$ 6.000/mill

To receive the questionnaire on the mill and plantation duly filled, including a lay-out of the available land for infrastructure.